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This is the direct link to My YouTube Channel which has the majority of
my published and unpublished videos including the ones on this page.

I feel it’s important to have at least some degree of context when watching a grading reel, and you can’t do that by having a barrage of three second shots flashing by one after the other in rapid fire.

A color grade is one of the pieces that should help to evoke a feeling, a mood, and to help get the viewer into the headspace of the film.

So what you're watching needs to unfold with enough time for the “look” to start to make sense based on the scene. And that’s why my reels have longer running times.

This is a teaser trailer for the upcoming pilot episode of "The Heritor", from Director/Producer Farah Evers. I performed the edit, color grade, VFX compositing and sound design. Currently in production.


This is my grading reel (w/temp audio) for the film, Higher Methods, from director Nathan Suher, which is currently in final post production.

Higher Methods is the story of Matthew, an actor whose sister went missing years prior. One day he’s at the movies and sees his sister as an extra who hasn’t aged a day. He embarks on a quest to find out what happens to her. He spirals down a rabbit hole into the dark, cultish world of drug addicts, freaks, the black sheep, the wannabe actors led by a menacing and intellectual acting mentor. As he attempts to uncover the mystery of his sister that went missing realities begin to blur in this sick twisted tale.


“Crisp” is a short film that was a finalist in the 100 Hour Film Race 2018. This was an interesting challenge and a very fun project to work on with a great group of filmmakers. I did the edit, color grade and sound design.


This was a quick end piece I did for an ad for Wayfair. The first video is the original raw footage with no sound or graphics. For the finished piece, I color graded and corrected the footage, added audio, and then composited their standard logo and animated the spinning "X" and the drop-down tag.


I was recruited primarily as colorist and assistant editor for a one hour documentary called "Faith in the Big House" from director Jonathan Schwartz at Interlock Media in Cambridge, MA., delivering the film to PBS affiliates for broadcast beginning fall 2014.

The following videos are :30/:60/2:30 promos in which I was editor, colorist and sound designer.


A short color grading reel. The original footage was captured on RED cameras at 4K & 8K resolution.
All the footage used is the property of their respective owners.


This project was for the James Madison Museum in Orange, Virginia for a new exhibit about slavery. It was designed to accommodate three vertically oriented flat panel screens, arranged in a U-shaped configuration, with the viewer’s standing in the middle, more or less, facing the center screen. All the talking head shots were taken on cell phones so there was considerable “cleanup” (both video and audio)to make them presentable. Most of the archival stills needed to be reconstructed in order to fit and fill the 16x9 vertically oriented screens. I was honored to be a part of making this exhibit come alive and would look forward to working on similar projects for other exhibits.

This is a short color grading reel with footage from the film Doll House, from Director Konstantin Selivanov, and went in submission to the 2018 film festivals. For the film, I was brought on as editor, colorist, VFX and compositor.

When designing the videos for the business school, the main focus was in creating stories that spoke to prospective students, telling them not only what any given program is about but to also give them a sense and a feel of the people, the culture and the support that they would experience while attending. I also delivered news stories about special events and VIP lectures. All these videos naturally tied into other channels of marketing for the school. Most of the sit-down interviews I lit and shot on green screen. In the edit, I chose a solid black background for the program pieces because it was clean and non-distracting, which created a better focus on the person speaking and allowed any text overlays to be easily read, especially if it is being viewed on small mobile devices.

By balancing next level content, and delivering appropiately formatted assets for all CDN’s, the viewer can have a quality experience, no matter what device they're watching on.



The footage of these linked-to videos are the property of their respective owners and are used by permission.